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        “La Isla started in 2003 as a street vendor at the Fremont Sunday Market. The delicious food has deep roots in Puerto Rico as three native chefs have created all the recipes. Since its inception, the menu has evolved to be local Puerto Rican fare with Pacific Northwest influences. Please come in, relax and soak up the bright and festive culture that makes the actual island so inviting.”



        A vegan lentil stew with a sofrito base, potatoes, carrots, olive oil and spices, served on a bed of rice

        Mixed organic spring greens tossed with carrots, green onions & mango bites available with balsamic vinaigrette, or island rum dressing (contains alcohol)


        Yellow rice with pernil, plantains, coconut milk & pigeon peas. Served with small side salad and toston

        Made to order. Deep fried, flaky turnover packed with your choice of ground beef, chicken, pork, cheese, pizza, or veggie. Served with rice and beans and ajilimojili dipping sauce

        Sweet maduros and crispy tostones with rice and beans, mojito and creamy maduro sauces

        A sample of our delicious appetizers: one empanadilla of your choice, 3 mini bacalaito, 3 mini aranitas, and an alcapurria (beef or veggie). Accompanied by our amazing dipping sauces


        Served with a toston

        Slow roasted pork shoulder, hand pulled atop a bed of rice. Served with tostones, mojito, and flamboyan sauces

        Red wine stewed beef over a bed of rice. Served with tostones

        Tender stewed chicken thighs, sofrito, olives, capers & potatoes over a bed of rice. Served with toston


        All sandwiches are served on toasted bread with your choice of french or sweet potato fries

        Pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and homemade pickles

        Grilled ham, marinated steak and our pernil (pulled pork) topped with melted swiss cheese, lettuce, and potato crisps

        Crispy pan fried catfish, green onions, cilantro, flamboyan and mojito sauces

        Grilled wild steelhead (blackened), lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and house made mango chili mayo. Served on a toasted bun


        Coffee & Tea
        Orange Juice
        Cranberry Juice
        Pineapple Juice
        Guava Juice
        Mango Juice
        Tamarind Juice
        Passionfruit Juice


        Dinner Menu


        Made to order, deep fried, flaky turnover packed with any of the below choices, with ajilimojili dipping sauce
        Pernil/Marinated Pulled Pork
        Carne Molida/Seasoned Ground Beef
        Pollo/Pulled Chicken
        Queso/Mozzarella cheese (vt)
        Veggie (vg)

        A mixture of sweet maduros and crispy tostones with Mojito

        A sample of our delicious appetizers: one empanadilla of your choice, 3 mini bacalaito, 3 mini aranitas, and an alcapurria (beef or veggie). Accompanied by our amazing dipping sauces

        Ground green banana, filled with ground beef OR veggie mix, fried & served with pique sauce (gf)

        ‘Popcorn’ style fried chicken & adobo with mayoketchup

        Crispy salted cod fritters, fried in a house batter. Served with ajilimojili sauce.

        Scrumptious blend of onions, garlic, red peppers, green pigeon peas, olive oil, vinegar and spices, served cold with tostones cups. (vg)(gf)

        6 jumbo, butterflied prawns sautéed in olive oil, white wine and butter, with your choice of sauce (gf)

        – Al Ajillo/Garlic-garlicy garlic garlic sauce
        – Isla De Fuego/Spicy-Fiery hot habenero & jalapeno
        – A la Criolla/House made creole sauce (not spicy)
        – Coco/Garlic Coconut Sauce

        SOUP & SALAD

        A vegan lentil stew sofrito, potatoes, carrots, olive oil and spices, served on a bed of rice (vg) (gf)

        Mixed organic spring greens tossed with carrots, green onions & mango bites; available with balsamic vinaigrette, or La Isla rum dressing (contains alcohol)


        All sandwiches are served on toasted bread. Your choice of french fries or sweet potato fries.

        Pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles

        Grilled ham, marinated steak and our pernil (pulled pork) topped with melted swiss cheese, lettuce, potato crisps and mayoketchup

        Grilled wild steelhead (blackened), lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and house made mango chili mayo. Served on a toasted bun.

        Crispy pan fried catfish, green onions, cilantro, flamboyan and moijto sauces


        All entrees served with rice and beans, tostones, and mojito sauce. Substitutions available for extra charge.

        Our most popular dish! Pork shoulder marinated for days, slow roasted and hand pulled. (gf)

        8 oz cut of flat iron steak, marinated in olive oil, garlic, grilled and topped with sauteed onions

        – Grilled: Seasoned in a lemon, oil & garlic marinade, topped with grilled onions (gf)
        – Blackened: Spicy Cajun – pan seared & oven finished, topped with our mango-pineapple salsa (gf)

        PEZ GATO
        Breaded fresh catfish strips seasoned in adobo and lime juice, fried to a crispy golden brown. Served with house made pique sauce and lime

        ROPA VIEJA
        A popular dish of the islands shredded flank steak, julienned peppers, onion.red wine and adobo-simmered to perfection

        Tender, slow-cooked chicken thighs in a sofrito seasoned stew with olives, capers, & potatoes (gf)

        A unique Puerto Rican style lasagna. Layers of sweet plantains, cheese & your choice of filling (cooked to order and takes about 20 minutes -well worth the wait)
        – Pernil: slow roasted pulled pork w/ mojito flamboyan (gf)
        – Carne Molida: simmered seasoned ground beef
        – Veggie: eggplant, zucchini, tofu-veggie mix (vt) (gf)

        Our most traditional island dish made up of fried, smashed plantains, and a side salad. Takes up to 20 minutes to cook, but worth the wait. (gf)
        – Pernil
        – Pollo Guisado
        – Ropa Vieja
        – Camarones

        8 oz. Churrasco steak, topped with chimichurri. Served with rice, beans, and maduros

        Whole fried red snapper, seasoned with adobo and house made mojito marinade


        Our homemade rice topped with beans (vt) (gf)

        Yellow rice with pernil, plantains, coconut milk & green pigeon
        peas (gf)

        Ripened sliced plantains with Maduno’s sauce (vg) (gf)

        Smashed green plantains with mojito (vg) (gf)

        French fried potatoes (vg) (gf)
        Sweet potato fries (vg) (gf)


        Orange Juice
        Cranberry Juice
        Pineapple Juice
        Guava Juice
        Mango Juice
        Tamarind Juice
        Passionfruit Juice



        “La Isla always carries an extensive cocktail menu. Each drink is made from scratch with fresh ingredients by our local bartenders. Please visit us to see the current specials and see our bartenders in action.”

        Happy Hour

        3-6PM Every Day





        7430 164TH AVE NE
        UNIT B103
        Redmond, Washington 98052
        (425) 285 – 9538


        Everyday: 11am – 11pm


        Contact: laislastaff@gmail.com

        Please visit Redmond location for gift cards

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